France team – CdM: France makes him ashamed, he is scandalized

The behavior of French players in Qatar on social issues is particularly monitored. A brilliant action during this World Cup was hoped for by some, but FIFA’s injunctions prevailed.

Thanks to its 4-1 victory against Australia on Tuesday evening, the French team enjoyed a first week of sporting calm. The success and the way the Blues were able to bounce back after a disastrous start to the match allowed Didier Deschamps to breathe a good blow after all the glitches encountered in recent days. Nevertheless, in this very special World Cup organized in Qatar, the extra-sporting is also widely mentioned. As in other European countries such as Germany, Belgium or England, an action was mentioned and discussed, but FIFA put its firm and threatening veto there.

No flash for the Blues

If the Mannschaft decided to react during the team photo since the players put their hands in front of their mouths to mimic a gag, the France team put aside the extra-sports and took no action. particular. Hugo Lloris notably left the rainbow armband synonymous with the fight against homophobia in the locker room, which caused so much talk during this first day of the group stage. A behavior that does not pass, at least at Riad Sattouf, French author and director who notably collaborated for Charlie Hebdo. For the latter, the behavior of the French players is cowardly, while the exposure of a World Cup could have made it possible to put this debate on the front of the stage in a region of the world where homosexuality is condemned.

It is incomprehensible in fact that this is a debate even in France, in the France team. I would have worn this armband. It’s incredible. It’s a terrible sounding board, the Mondial. Now is the time to do something. It’s really a shame “, swung Riad Sattouf, convinced that the France team missed a golden opportunity to support a cause that goes far beyond football.

Players respond to controversies

In the meantime, the French players have already responded to these remonstrances on several occasions. “ I prefer to stay within my framework, that of a player. We are asked to play football, to represent our countries as well as possible in sport “, underlined Hugo Lloris. For his part, Matteo Guendouzi insisted that the French players were not completely insensitive to the situation and that they had already acted. ” With the players, we made a press release to clearly explain our feelings about this situation. There has been a lot of controversy, we are not insensitive, but we are here to play football and that until the end “, delivered the OM player, who recalls that the press release from the tricolor players had underlined their refusal of any discrimination and the assurance of financial donations to several associations, in particular for the assistance of the many victims among the workers who have builds the World Cup stadiums in the Emirate.

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