Forspoken does not credit everyone who worked on the game

Game news Forspoken does not credit everyone who worked on the game

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The open-world action-RPG Forspoken is causing controversy by failing to credit the full list of people who worked for the game.


  • Forspoken already available
  • Credits that don’t mention everyone

Forspoken already available

Released on January 24, Forspoken is an action-RPG game set in an open world. Edited by Square-Enix and developed a subsidiary of the Japanese company named Luminous Production, which notably worked on Final Fantasy XV. Teleported directly from New York into a fantasy world, the player embodies Frey Holland, a heroine who will have to use her magical powers to survive. A game that requires a very good configuration to play it optimally on PC. Formerly named Project Athia, this title is currently not unanimous with all the players, criticizing him in particular for his scenario which is far from being thrilling, his fights deemed drafts and his very talkative appearance.

Credits that don’t mention everyone

In addition to being a title that has not won unanimous support since its official release, Forspoken finds itself in a controversy. Indeed, during the credits at the end of the game, subcontracting companies were mentioned, but no individual names are present. It is the localization and quality assurance teams that are concerned. The hashtag #TranslatorsInTheCredits gained popularity on Twitter and revealed that this problem is unfortunately rather common. Deleting the names of people who have worked individually on a project can be offensive, and that’s what is expressed on social media.

In #Forspoken you can find monsters, magic, cool abilities… but no proper credits.

Why didn’t you credit the entire localization team? @LumiPro_EN @LumiPro_JP I see a huge list of companies/contractors, but almost no individual names…

It is simply unacceptable. Countless people who worked on #Forspoken were snubbed in the credits. Three people mentioned for localization, one person for quality assurance. Ridiculous. #TranslatorsInTheCredits

Forspoken does not credit everyone who worked on the game

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