Former Sony America boss joins video game giant

business news Former Sony America boss joins video game giant

One of the former big bosses of Sony and PlayStation will now officiate at Tencent Games. He will provide advice on the strategy of the Chinese giant.

Shawn Layden has just announced that he is joining the Chinese video game giant Tencent Gamesinasmuch as strategic advisor.

Shawn Layden returns to the game

In a publication on LinkedInShawn Layden announce his arrival in a new company in the video game industry. Indeed, you may remember, but in September 2019, it was announced to us that Shawn Layden was retired as CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios. Two years later, in September 2021, Layden told Bloomberg that he had left Sony because it was sold outand that the successful launch of the PS5 was the good time to retire. His legacy within Sony and PlayStation was thus valued, and he departed in full glory. Only, a year later, it seems that retirement is no longer on the agenda

One of the big names of Sony PlayStation, especially in the United States

Layden was first a producer, within the PlayStation International software development division in Japan, from May 1996 to January 2019. He was also vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment in Europe between January 1999 and September 2007. He accumulated mandates, since he was also president of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan from October 2007 to March 2010.

Above all, he was known for his work in the United States. There, Layden was COO of Sony Network Entertainment from April 2010 to March 2014, then CEO and Director of Sony Computer Entertainment America until March 2016, then CEO and Director of Sony Interactive Entertainment America until March 2018. As mentioned above, he also directed Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios from April 2016 to October 2019. But he hadn’t been entirely without activity since. Indeed, it has among other things business advisor such as Streamline Media, ExCo Rgoup or Encore Leadership. In addition to these little-known companies, we now learn that he will advise a video game giant, Tencentreturning to the forefront of the video game scene, even if he is “only” a strategic advisor.

“A defining moment for video games”

So it seems that Tencent dreams of seeing itself as the new Sonysince they ask the advice from one of the men who defined Sony’s strategy from the PlayStation 1. It must be said that in a quarter of a century, Sony and PlayStation have become major players of the industry, a model that Surely Tencent would like to copy, and apply even faster. In any case, Layden seems delighted to come out of his “retirement”:

UPDATE: I am delighted to announce that I have recently joined #TencentGames as a Strategic Advisor. In this new role, I hope to advise, assist and support the Tencent team as they deepen their activities and their commitments within the industry to which I have devoted most of my career. We are at a watershed moment for gaming and interactive entertainment. There are many possible paths, but only a few will deepen, expand, include, edify, inspire, and/or sustain. I am excited to continue this journey of discovery and thank Tencent for this opportunity. 💥🎮🦾💙

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