For the boss of Wizz Air, exhausted pilots must work more

Come on, a little effort. Too much ?

For the airlines as for the customers who hope to borrow their planes, a summer of all dangers seems to be taking shape. The strong post-pandemic recovery in demand, coupled with significant shortages of ground and aircrew personnel, could lead to the cancellation of thousands of flights and major chaos at airports.

For József Váradi, boss of the Hungarian low-cost airline Wizz Air, there is a solution: work more, despite exhaustion. The staff of the firm, and in particular its pilots, took rather badly the very Stakhanovite speech that it held these last days.

“We’re all exhausted, but sometimes you have to know how to go the extra mile,” Váradi told his dumbfounded troops. We can’t run this business if one in five people on a base are called in sick because they’re tired. »

“It’s damage to the reputation of our brand, and it’s financial, transactional damage, because we have to pay compensation,” he continued, speaking of canceled flights and passengers to be reimbursed.

On the stick

In short, it would be a question of not pulling to the side and of wanting to give a little more of your person for the proper functioning of the Wizz Air machine. In itself, the speech would already be problematic in any company caring a little about the precious health of its troops.

But to these basic social considerations are added in this case others, of collective safety for the flights concerned this time. Asking extra effort from pilots declaring themselves tired is “like giving the keys to a car to a drunk driver”, said a representative of the European Cockpit Association, a union ad…

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