For asking Macron a question, a high school student is visited by the gendarmes – Liberation

The young woman who had questioned Thursday in Gaillac the President of the Republic on the government ministers accused of rape received a visit from the gendarmerie to her high school the next day.

Macronian democracy in action. Laura C., 18, questioned the President of the Republic on Thursday about the men accused of rape in his government during his visit to Gaillac. The next day, the gendarmes visited him in his high school for a 10-minute interview. The young woman told this episode to the local newspaper, The Dispatch.

However, Laura was not aggressive with Emmanuel Macron during their exchange. “You put at the head of the state men accused of rape and violence against women. Why ? Please answer me”, she told him, not letting go of the President’s hand to keep his attention. BFMTV cameras, present at the scene, filmed the scene.

The tone of the young woman is posed. The presidential response does not convince her, however. “His ‘No, you don’t understand’ sticks in my throat. He treated me like a kid. […] I cried”, she tells The Dispatch.

Emmanuel Macron first tries to defend himself. “I am for the liberation of speech and I accompanied it”, he replies to the young woman. If the subject touches Laura, it is because she herself has “been the victim of touching in the metro”, when she was still living in the Paris region. In response, she will receive reprimands from the gendarmerie less than 24 hours after her exchange with the President.

A disproportionate reaction which is reminiscent of the 40 hours of police custody inflicted on Alizée, a 22-year-old activist who interrupted a Roland Garros match on June 3 in order to warn of global warming.


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