Foot PSG – PSG: Icardi, the revelation that changes everything

After the transfer window closed in France, PSG concluded the departure of Mauro Icardi from Galatasaray in the form of a loan.

Looking for a way out of Mauro Icardi since the start of the summer, Paris Saint-Germain found happiness in early September with the departure of the Argentinian international to Galatasaray, on loan. Ideally, PSG would have liked to get rid of Mauro Icardi permanently, but no club has offered a transfer for the ex-captain of Inter Milan. It is therefore in the form of a loan that Mauro Icardi packed his bags in the direction of Turkey and more precisely Galatasaray. But while we thought that PSG still paid him his full salary – or almost -, this is not quite the case according to Argentine journalist Augusto Tartufoli. If PSG still participates in the payment of Mauro Icardi’s salary up to 90%, the Argentinian’s salary at Galatasaray is no longer as high as that which he received when he wore the colors of Paris Saint-Germain.

Icardi, a salary almost halved in Turkey

According to the journalist, Mauro Icardi saw his salary decrease since it went from 10 million euros per year at Paris Saint-Germain to “only” 6 million euros per year Galatasaray. Concretely, the capital club will therefore save 4 million euros thanks to this loan from Mauro Icardi, although the club is still very actively involved in paying the player’s emoluments. While PSG pays just under 6 million euros over the year, Galatasaray will not even pay 1 million euros for the loan of Mauro Icardi. Suffice to say that if PSG saved a little money thanks to this loan, Galatasaray made a very good deal on its side by recovering – potentially – a very great player, although to be revived, for a pittance. It now remains to be seen whether Mauro Icardi will manage to shine in Turkey in order to boost his market value, which Nasser Al-Khelaïfi hopes for with a sale next summer.

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