Foot OL – Revolution at OL, Tony Parker is preparing for his exit – Olympique Lyonnais

Tipped to take over from Jean-Michel Aulas at the head of Olympique Lyonnais, Tony Parker does not necessarily want to invest in football in the very long term.

A few months ago, Tony Parker was the ideal candidate to take over from Jean-Michel Aulas, president of OL since 1987. Invested alongside the boss of Les Gones with ASVEL, the basketball club of Lyon , the former San Antonio Spurs star seemed to have what it takes to lead a major French football club like OL. But it will not be, since TP wants to continue to invest in basketball, whether at ASVEL in the present or in the longer term in the NBA.

Tony Parker is basketball and basketball

“I prefer the front office at the moment. I’m in my dressing room, we’ve just won the semi-final, we’re going to try to be champion twice in a row. I like the front office side. And one of these days I’ll try the NBA, but now I want to give back to my country. It’s very nice to own the men’s team, the women’s team. And the academy that I’m building here, we have some great young guys on my team. We may have the first pick of the Draft in 2023: Victor Wembanyama. He’s 17, he’s playing amazing. So it’s great to give back to my country. But one of these days when Coach Pop retires, maybe I’ll come back.”explained, in the newspaper USA Today, Parker, who could therefore become the sporting director of the Spurs after the long passage of Popovich.

The future of OL is America with Aulas

A future far removed from football and OL which will surprise and disappoint no one. Since Lyon has now gone on a completely different new project. Knowing that in the coming weeks, the club of Jean-Michel Aulas should pass under the American flag. Indeed, the investor Foster Gillett is in the process of buying at least 40% of OL, i.e. the shares released by Pathé and IDG. Once this deal has been finalized, Aulas will remain the president of Les Gones with new means in his pocket and the desire to relaunch a new project worthy of the name to put OL back in the spotlight. The return of Alexandre Lacazette being the first stone in the building that JMA wants to rebuild, without Tony Parker therefore.

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