Foot OL – OL: Textor’s plan collapses, Aulas in great danger! – Olympique Lyonnais

10 days before the announced takeover of Olympique Lyonnais, nothing is going as planned. This could have serious consequences for Jean-Michel Aulas.

If Jean-Michel Aulas and John Textor show smiles and confidence, the reality is very different. Now, it seems difficult to envisage that everything will be completed for the date of September 30, which was the deadline set for exclusive negotiations. The American, who was on an express visit to Lyon this weekend on the sidelines of the match against PSG, has already left but he left his accountants and auditors in the RhΓ΄ne. The latter go through OL’s accounts but above all are looking for a solution to a major problem.

Banks don’t like Textor funding

Among John Textor’s associates, a certain Bill Foley, saw his financing refused by the banks which manage OL’s debt. This must be reduced from 330 million euros to 180 ME with the takeover of the club, and it is all the same 13 banking establishments which must give their agreement on the financial arrangement. For the moment, this is not the case and John Textor is simply still trying to complete his round of funding to reach the expected amount, announces L’Equipe. The investor, for his part, assures that he has found new collaborators already experienced in football and who will make it possible to finalize the takeover, even if the date of September 30 may not be respected.

This is also asserted by Romain Molina, who follows the affair closely and expressed doubts very quickly. ” Textor is more and more agitated for the takeover of OL. The basic financing plan has messed up, he has been looking for others for weeks (with a person who had tried to buy Chelsea) and tells a lot of stories (banks would refuse the method of financing, etc.). He personally calls a lot of people to reassure them that it’s only a matter of time, but he is already submitting in private the hypothesis that the sale will take place after September 30 β€œ, explained the independent journalist.

A shareholder pact fatal to Aulas?

And this date of September 30, if it were to be exceeded, could change a lot of things. L’Equipe recalls that a shareholders’ pact has existed since PathΓ© and IDG announced their withdrawal from OL Groupe. Until July 1, 2023, Aulas is indeed the decision maker for the future buyer of the Lyon club, but a failure with John Textor would call into question a quick sale. From then on, PathΓ© and IDG could regain control, and sell to the highest bidder, without worrying about the fate of Jean-Michel Aulas, who would no longer be the majority shareholder if a buyer recovered the shares of the two departing companies. A scenario that the President of Lyon wants to avoid at all costs, he who sees himself remaining at the head of OL for a few more years.

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