Fifth. The Prix Utah Beach in Deauville this Tuesday, November 22, 2022. – Angers Info

Direction Deauville this Tuesday, November 22, 2022 for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Prix Utah Beach will have to compete against each other as starters. The race will be contested over 1300 meters, and endowed with 50,000€.

In this event, the entourage of Shake Me Handy (7) is having a very good second half of 2022 with this chic competitor, who seems better than ever at the age of 7. Indeed, he won a fifth on a difficult grass during his penultimate outing, before confirming his good dispositions in the process in a luxury claimer, disputed on the fiber. He will try Tuesday to push his limits a little further. After starting his career across the Channel, Sirius Slew (16) then changed horizons. Oriented in recent months towards French races, he quickly revealed a certain potential. Having proven its competitiveness at its own value and confirmed on the fiber, this hard-working horse should, once again, dearly defend its chances.

Geny’s secrets

Sascha Smrczek: Clever Candy (1) pleasantly surprised me recently for its comeback. On its way, I expect a logical confirmation from him. We just hope that she will not suffer the repercussions of her good resumption of contact.

Vaclav Luka: I was a little disappointed with his last race, but Azov (2) was really fast at the start and he didn’t breathe the course. I hope he will be able to benefit from a better course of the race and that he will be able to oxygenate himself well this time. If so, I think it can be competitive.

Jean-Vincent Cough: Mubaalegh (3) has regained some freshness since his most recent outing. He is a horse which has titles on the fiber and which intrinsically has a good card to play here. I just hope the event will be selective with a steady pace. It may possibly lack maneuverability on paths with turns.

Georges Doleuze: Penalized in weight following his victorious comeback, Ozan (4) no longer has any margin on the scale of values. However, as he is still in good shape and likes to race at home, I present him here. With a good run, it has the means to finish in the top five.

Vaclav Luka: We know he knows how to finish his races quickly, but Mowaeva (5) did not get a good place at the rope. I hope he can enjoy a good run. He can sometimes be tense and I hope that will not be the case. He has proven his aptitude for the course. He has the right to place himself, but it will all be a matter of course.

Maurizio Guarnieri: I present Wejdan (6) here, because I find her in very good shape. Now she needs to reassure me in competition, because I expected better lately. Also, I don’t have any reference on the PSF. So I’m not in the best mood, but judged on what she has done best, she has the means to run well.

Sascha Smrczek: Arabino (8) has just returned to success. He has since remained fit and enjoys the PSF. It will try to confirm its momentum, despite an upwardly revised value and tougher opposition this time.

Joel Boisnard: On his first attempt at this level, Dragons Please (9) had bad luck in the final phase, having no free hand. Nevertheless, he had a good behavior and showed that he could distinguish himself at this value in the big handicaps. He remained in good shape and we let ourselves be tempted by this commitment, despite the fact that he discovered the PSF.

Stephane Wattel: Scottish Saint (10) will not be bothered by the shortening of the distance. On the other hand, his number in the stalls is detrimental. She is in good shape, but she will also face her elders for the first time. In these conditions, with the 15 outside, his task is not easy.

Henri-Alex Pantall: Showman (11) has disappointed us a little lately. He found himself a little far behind, because of a wrong rope number. He is a colt who likes this surface and the distance. He has, this time, a better rope number. I hope to see him behave better.

Mrs. Jane Soubagne: I knew he had to forget his performance on September 29, where Trobreizh (12) did not appreciate the very soft track. Now, you have to benefit from a good running of the race, which he didn’t have the last time, when he couldn’t find the opening in the final phase. He seems to me to have remained in a good state of form and I hope that it will go better this time. It remains competitive.

Mrs. Erika Mäder: Sassy Rascal (13) has done very well lately, in a quinté of a similar level. That day, she was particularly deserving, because she had an ungrateful string number. She has remained in good shape ever since. At the end of a good trip, I logically hope to see it behave well here.

Francois Monfort: Sense of Belonging (14) has just made a good comeback by winning straight away in a good batch. Now, I’m not sure he’s 100% back yet, but he should be able to hold his game well. At this value, it must be followed.

Miss Anastasia Wattel: Vitare (15) is on the rise and does all his shopping. He was playing in smaller handicaps and is moving up a category this time. He is in great shape and has just done very well in a class 3. He should be able to defend himself well.

A summary: 9-3-5-13-1-15-6-14 The summary of the press: 9 – 3 – 1 – 10 – 13 – 5 – 11 – 15

The Parisian: 13-1-2-10-2-8-9-3-7
Alsace: 10-15-14-1-5-2-8-9
Paris Turf: 1-9-13-5-12-7-4-14


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