Fannie recounts three years of influence

“I had just separated from my son’s father, three months earlier, when I was approached by a man, a client of the company where I worked. It was 2010. He was immediately comforting, telling me things I needed to hear. We saw each other again, but I wasn’t ready for a new relationship. When I wanted to put an end to it, a fortnight after it started, he made a scene for me and I agreed to continue. He kept saying he needed me. I let myself get carried away. After six months, I left my apartment and we moved in together. Then he told me about a company we could start together. I felt myself grow wings. In reality, I was the “straw manager” of our company. I had no possibility of deciding anything.

“I tried to leave, I did it twice”

The moments when he became aggressive repeated themselves. The violence began. And he took me away from my family. I tried to leave, I did it twice. However, I came back, because he was explaining to me that a treatment was causing him mood swings. I found myself trapped in a spiral that I couldn’t get out of. The verbal abuse made me become a shadow of myself. I lost confidence in myself. I thought I was useless, not beautiful… But there was society, which bound us. I was taken emotionally and financially. I was scared. Especially since I knew he was armed. He had a .22 Long Rifle, but I never asked him about it.

The click

When I drove my son to his father, my new companion calculated the time I took. If it was too long for him, I was entitled to a scandal: he threw dishes in my face, he insulted me. The day I managed to leave was when he kicked my son, who was 4 years old. It was a click.

I didn’t go to work…

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