Faced with inflation, the National Assembly urgently releases 2.5 billion euros

THOMAS SAMSON / AFP French Minister for the Economy and Finances Bruno Le Maire delivers a speech during a session of questions to the government at The National Assembly in Paris on November 22, 2022. – The National Assembly is expected to approve on November 22, 2022 a draft law on programming and orientation of the Ministry of the Interior: 15 billion euros over five years, and measures that appeal to the right but divide the left. (Photo by Thomas SAMSON / AFP)


Bruno Le Maire, here at the National Assembly in Paris, November 22, 2022.

POLITICS – The Assembly gave this Wednesday, November 23 its final agreement to a rectified budget for 2022 with an anti-inflation budget extension of 2.5 billion euros, in particular to finance an energy check for 12 million households.

The text was adopted by a large majority (187 votes against 60), without the government having to engage its responsibility by article 49.3 of the Constitution, as it did for the 2023 budgets of the State and Social Security, currently under review.

Apart from the communists, who voted against, the left-wing political groups that are members of the NUPES abstained, as did the LR deputies. RN deputies voted against.

For the adoption of this amending budget 2022 to be final, the Senate will in turn have to validate, on Friday, the agreement reached between deputies and senators in the joint joint committee (CMP) on this text.

The Minister in charge of Public Accounts Gabriel Attal hailed “good news for the French”who will be able to benefit from a “additional support” against inflation.

The energy check “will be paid by the end of the year”he underlined, with reference to one of the key measures of the text, aid of 100 to 200 euros which could concern 12 million households.

Among the other measures are support for universities for their energy bills and for the armies, and a regularization of the financing of the extension of the rebate of 30 centimes per liter at the pump until mid-November.

100 million euros for the rehabilitation of bridges and roads

“Apparently our assembly is quite capable of going after a budget text”tackled the LFI president of the Finance Committee Éric Coquerel, judging that “the contrast is all the more shocking” with the debates on the budgets for 2023 which the government has cut short with 49.3.

“The compromises we have found should be a lesson for the government”also underlined the PS deputy Mickaël Bouloux.

Véronique Louwagie (LR) also welcomed certain measures, but reiterated her criticism of a master’s degree “insufficient” spending.

RN Alexandre Sabatou lamented a budget ” disappointing “ and mocked them “small victories” opposition parties, whose government accepted several amendments during parliamentary debates.

This is for example an aid of 230 million euros, added by the deputies for households heating with wood. Aid, also offered by the Socialists, has been added for associations providing food aid.

On LR’s proposal, additional credits were granted for the “MaPrimeRénov'” thermal renovation aid scheme.

Extensions have also been introduced by senators in favor of communities, in particular for the repair of bridges and roads, for a total of 100 million euros.

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