Evil West, Gungrave GORE and independent titles… Here is the selection of Steam games of the week!

Game news Evil West, Gungrave GORE and independent titles… Here is the selection of Steam games of the week!

Here we are again for the traditional selection of Steam games of the week! What is good with this weekly anthology is that we have the opportunity to introduce you to independent games, while reminding you of the release of more famous titles. So without further ado, let’s go!

Wild West and vampires! This week marks the release of Evil West. It is a third-person adventure game that can be played in coop or solo. You will play as a vampire hunter named Jesse Rentier, who is the last representative of his secret organization. Simply put, it’s up to you to save America, and even humanity, from the atrocities that swarm in the dark. You will be able to improve your weapons and your equipment in order to be even more efficient during battles that are both captivating and bloody at will.

  • Available November 22

Let’s stick with third-person shooters with Gungrave GORE The game stars an anti-hero named Grave, a real badass who fears nothing after coming back from the dead. One watchword: revenge. This is why you will neutralize enemies by the thousands using your formidable weapons. Your combos will allow you to be particularly effective during fights. Firearms or close combat. You will decide. In futuristic environments that are both realistic and dark, this mad race for revenge will attract fans of the license as well as newcomers.

  • Available November 22

Let’s change the game type a bit with a roguelike. Alone or with friends, you will embody one of the Fools, adorable creatures with varied abilities. This is a marine adventure where you will have to protect your ship from increasingly tough monster attacks. It will also be possible to fight huge creatures. You will explore territories full of mysteries and dangers in a hand-drawn environment.

  • Available November 22

Here is a sci-fi multiplayer game: Dysterra. Set in a post-apocalyptic and futuristic world, this title mixes several different aspects. Indeed, the player will oscillate between crafting, harvesting resources, fighting and building bases.. It is both a shooter and a survival game where you will be able to perform both PvP and PvE upon release. Dysterra is an extremely ambitious project, but looks quite promising so all you have to do is make up your own mind.

  • Available November 23

Sefirot Shards

Let’s end our selection with a last indie game. This is a deck-building game with RPG elements sprinkled throughout. You will build a unique deck to progress in your adventure. Collecting cards, exploring this fantastic world and battling players online, there is no reason to be bored! Easy to pick up and hard to master, it will appeal to both new and more experienced players. The game is not available in French at the moment.

  • Available November 25

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