Euromillions: the big winner from Pas-de-Calais received his 160 million euros

We knew since November 4 that the person who won 160 million euros at the Euromillions had validated his ticket in Pas-de-Calais: we now know that it is a couple in their sixties who played at Houdain, and who had “never won anything” until then.

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The Euromillions mystery winner – who we only knew had played in Pas-de-Calais on November 4 – finally hit his jackpot. The FDJ gave it the sum of 160,788,895 euros to a sexagenarian from Pas-de-Calais who validated his grid in Houdain, near Béthune. This is the sixth biggest win in the history of the FDJ, and the biggest in the whole department. The winner and his wife wished to remain anonymous. It is also not known if they are retired or if they are still working. It was the husband, a regular player, who had validated the winning grid at the Right Bank, Left Bank, a tobacconist in Houdain.

“I had never won anything; anyway, I just like it to be a big sum all at once”

The man has been playing every week since Euromillions was created in 2004. And he has made a habit of adding a flash card or two when the jackpot exceeds 100 million euros. It is this combination that allows him to collect this crazy sum of 160 million euros. ” I had never won anything; as long as I do, I just like it to be a big sum all at once “, explained the husband to the FDJ during the delivery of the check.

If the identity of the winner remained secret for more than 15 days, the winner knew very quickly that he had just hit the jackpot. The day after the draw, he saw the numbers he had played displayed on the banner of a news channel. The couple then warned their children and even… their dog. ” You must behave properly; you are a millionaire dog now “, they slipped to him.

A second home by the sea, a chalet in the mountains and trips

All that remained was to carefully keep the receipt for the game before going to collect their prize in the Paris region. It was carefully hidden in their house. When he has to be away, the couple even takes care to hide the receipt in the door of his vehicle ” in case the house burns down “. There remains the question that everyone has already imagined asking themselves, but which for these inhabitants of Pas-de-Calais has become reality: what to do with all this money? They first want to help their children, please their loved ones and also plan to buy ” a second home by the sea and a chalet in the mountains “, they told the FDJ.

Also on the program: trips. ” To choose the destination, we will spin a globe like in the Loto advertisement of the 2000s “, explained the lucky ones. Who will also continue to play. ” I also won 3.70 euros in the next draw; I was very happy “, laughs the husband.

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