England’s controversial entry could shock Qatar!

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This is a subject that has come up on the table on a regular basis since Qatar was elected host of this 2022 World Cup. And inevitably, as the competition approaches, everything has multiplied. The rights of people belonging to the LGBT collective in the country or those of the migrants employed to build the stadiums and the infrastructures used during this World Cup are thus making a lot of noise across the planet.

While some players like Hugo Lloris preferred to remain measured when questioned about it at a press conference, others want to take action, on their own scale. For the Three Lions’ first match in the competition against Iran, Harry Kane, England captain, has planned to wear a rainbow armband with the inscription ” One Love “.

Armband and knee down

An approach that FIFA may well sanction, while this rainbow flag is prohibited in Qatar. Note that the Tottenham striker is supported in his approach by the FA, the English federation, which is awaiting a response from the body that governs world football, even if initial indiscretions announced a total ban. The English striker risks in particular receiving a yellow card from the start of the match as indicated by the Guardian, or even worse. One thing seems certain, FIFA wants at all costs to avoid the appearance of this famous flag on the grounds, and the media explains that we could even reach a point where it will send officials to the locker room to confiscate the armbands!

The English have, whatever happens, the intention of claiming their right to demonstrate and support the various oppressed collectives in Qatar. The newspaper indicates that the eleven players who will start the meeting have planned to kneel before kick-off, a bit like what is done in the Premier League to fight against racism. A gesture that may displease the side of Qatar. Note that other selections, such as Germany and the Netherlands, have similar intentions…

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