EDF: here is which regulated tariff to choose in the face of soaring prices of 15% in February

Basic option

Sold to 17 cents per kilowatt-hour, this proposal is valid day and night. With regard to the subscription to the meter, it evolves from 11 to 17 euros, according to the power of the model of EDF chosen. By questioning the customers, we realize that the latter are reasonable in terms of equipment. In other words, it is not the type to launch a machine during a telework meeting. Or watch a series while cooking with this multifunction robot.

Peak hours — off-peak hours (HP/HC)

Known throughout France, this formula requires a bit of organization beforehand. If you heat yourself individually, and therefore necessarily with a hot water tank, this is undoubtedly the ideal solution. On the other hand, be careful, you will have to learn to use your stopwatch Perfectly. In contrast, the kWh tariff is between 14 and 18 cents. If you want to have information on the time slots, we invite you to contact an EDF agent. Depending on your old meter readings, he will be better able to say if you can join in like a chameleon.

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