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If you consume sugary drinks, be aware that some of them can eventually promote the arrival of bowel cancer.

We can not emphasize this enough : excessive consumption of sugary drinks and other products rich in sugars, can have a harmful effect on the organism. It can cause cancer. We tell you everything.

The intestine, the second brain

It’s well known. The intestine is the second human brain. In effect. Our digestive system, including the intestine, is full of microorganisms. There are bacteria, yeast. And mushrooms.

This set of things in the body is called the gut flora microorganisms. The intestinal microbiota therefore plays a major role in the process of digestion, assimilation of nutrients, but also, a role in our immune system. And damaging it could cause cancer.

Indeed, several scientists have shown that neurons are present in our intestine. According to them, there are approximately 500 million neurons in our intestine, which makes it a nervous system in its own right. This is why stress or anxiety can have consequences about what’s going on inside the belly.

Researcher Giulia Enders has written a book, The understated charm of the gut, all about an unloved organ. In this book, she asserts that “90% of the activity observed on the vagus nerve runs in the gut-brain directionand not the other way around.

It is also proven that “95% of the serotonin present in our body is emitted by the intestine and transmitted to the brain”. This therefore means that our emotions are regulated by the gut and that an annoyance or bad news can have consequences on our intestinal flora. And eventually, it could cause cancer if you overindulge.

Some drinks consumed by humans can promote the appearance of cancer. An unhealthy lifestyle can also cause bowel cancer. We tell you everything.

Consuming this drink can lead to bowel cancer

In France, colorectal cancer is one of the most common. In 2018, 43,336 new cases have been listed, according to WHO figures. As the Foundation for Cancer Research explains, to detect this disease, certain signs must alert you.

In effect, if you have blood in the stool. Abdominal pain, intestinal transit disorders, a mass noticeable on palpation of the abdomen. Anemia. Or unexplained weight loss, this may be linked to bowel cancer.

A good diet and the practice of a sport can hunt the appearance of cancer. If you drink too many sugary drinks and your consumption of red meat is excessive, this is very dangerous for your health.

“The consumption of red meat represents a risk factor for the disease highlights the foundation. And to add: “It should not exceed 500 g of meat excluding poultry. However, this is the case for 40% of men in France. And 150 g of charcuterie. Per week “.

In addition to meat, the consumption of certain beverages can be responsible for cancer in humans. Indeed, a study published in the journal Gut. And relayed by The Sun magazine revealed the study conducted by several addictologists.

The latter have succeeded in making the link between the consumption of sodas and bowel cancer. According to them, sugary drinks such as Coca Cola, Fanta or Ice Tea could double the risk of bowel cancer.

People who consume up to two sugary drinks a day are therefore more likely to fall ill. You can still drink it from time to time. But it should be occasional.

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