Dragonflight: dragon flight, an immersive way to immerse yourself in WoW?

Game News Dragonflight: dragon flight, an immersive way to immerse yourself in WoW?

Among all the novelties expected for the ninth expansion of World of Warcraft, there is dragon flight. Content that is perfectly anchored in the theme of Dragonflight, but which raises many questions among players. It’s an incredibly immersive way to immerse yourself in WoW, according to Blizzard game designer Jake Miller. In other words, we can talk about a new way of flying that seems to want to give us wings.


  • What is dragon riding?
  • An immersive feature

What is dragon riding?

Dragonflight is a new feature unique to the World of Warcraft: DragonFlight expansion. This is simply a new way to fly using a mount. You can choose between different dragons and customize them according to your tastes to move around the new territory: the Dragon Islands. At first glance, this content may seem strange considering that the ability to fly in Azeroth has been around for over 10 years. Dragonback soaring not only offers the opportunity to soar over the new area, but gives new ways to enjoy this adventure among the scaled creatures. For instancethe speed will not be 310% like regular flying mounts, but 830%. You think such a useful feature must surely be complicated to obtain? Nay! It is only in the middle of the quests in the very first area that you will unlock dragon flight. This equates to around 30 minutes of gameplay, so nothing to look forward to for too long!

An immersive feature

On the occasion of the release of Dragonflight in a few days, we had the chance to speak with Jake Miller, the game designer at Blizzard who worked on dragonflight. This novelty, in addition to being an extremely fast flying mount, is a notable immersive element:

Dragon-riding is an incredibly immersive way to immerse yourself in WoW

The player will have abilities specific to his dragon to control it such as: to fly away, to give a wing stroke to gain speed or to hover. Leading this flying mount will require a bit of adaptation to be effective, in particular via a dedicated talent tree. It will be possible to interact with many elements of the decor, which particularly anchors the player in the universe of this expansion. In addition, the impression of speed during the navigation of the dragon also adds a real feeling of immersion, as the graphic and sound elements accompanying your speed are realistic. Although this element seems to be perceived by players as an enjoyable minigame, it is a way to add the immersion that many found lacking or absent in the latest versions of WoW. The first so-called Classic extensions plunge the player into a rich universe with its immensity and difficulty. The flight on the back of a dragon will not add as much immersion as it once did, but has the merit of caring about this aspect that is all too often overlooked. Also note that an item to knock down a player of the opposing faction from his flying mount will be available, which gives hope for a new element to revive the wild PVP. What to feed once again the immersion, and this, in a more belligerent way.

Dragonflight: dragon flight, an immersive way to immerse yourself in WoW?

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