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The release of Dragonflight is getting closer and even if we don’t know the exact date yet, we still expect to be able to visit the Dragon Islands in 2022. This means that you will be able to discover the campaign and the zones in the coming weeks.

On this subject, Quasiwave has published a rather nice image that shows the course that you will do during the Dragonflight campaign. As you already know if you have followed my game reports, the Dracthrys will begin their adventure in the Forbidden Reaches. For the rest of the campaign, all players will complete the zones in the same order:

  1. Shores of Awakening
  2. Plains of Ohn’ahra
  3. Azure span
  4. Thaldraszus

Right now, and if you basically limit yourself to main quests and one or another side quest, you won’t reach level 70 at the end of the story. You will rather be L68. In that sense, it’s different from what we experienced in Shadowlands. On the other hand, the story is quite fluid and continues from one area to another.

Unless Blizzard changes the amount of experience gained during leveling, it will therefore ideally take 2.5 levels per area to complete Thaldraszus at L70. This will require you to go through the side quests to achieve this. If you’re too fast, you might not even have the required level to complete the campaign since the very last quest requires you to be level 68 to take it. On the beta, I reached this threshold at the very beginning of level 67, so I had to farm a bit before discovering the final quest.

I will have the opportunity to talk to you about all this, but if nothing changes, take the time to complete the bonus objectives as well as the elite or secondary quests. This will also allow you to activate the many flight masters. Otherwise, you will end up at too low a level and inevitably have to backtrack.

As for the dungeons, they are unlocked gradually and even at level 68, only four are accessible: Uldaman, the Ruby Essence Pools, the Nokhud Offensive and the Fougerobes Hollow.

I come back to the image proposed by Quasiwave. There is a very brief summary of the major objectives for each area, as well as the path to follow. It’s nicely presented and I thought you might find it interesting.

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