Deschamps, the end seems to have been recorded…

Didier Deschamps did not even inform the Blues of France 98 of his absence at their dinner, proof of the divorce between the captain and his former teammates.

Didier Deschamps and France 98, the contact seems definitely cut. The controversy launched by the words of Noël Le Graët against Zinedine Zidane, whose coach of the Blues was a secondary character, has brought to light the coldness of relations between the captain of the 1998 world champions and his former teammates.

Tongues have been loosening on the subject for a few weeks. The symbol of this fracture is the absence of Didier Deschamps from the Whatsapp group which allows the former members of France 98, who were thought to be linked for life by this adventure, to keep in touch.

Deschamps did not warn anyone

Monday evening, several world champions met for a dinner in Paris. Some were excused, such as Youri Djorkaeff, Vincent Candela or Robert Pirès, retained in Monaco for a charity match. Didier Deschamps was obviously absent too, which is not surprising, given the tackles sent by some of his teammates in recent weeks, like Christophe Dugarry.

The most terrible thing, no doubt, is that Didier Deschamps no longer even bothers to pretend. Thus, the coach of the Blues would not even have warned his former teammates of his absence at their gathering. This was denounced by Emmanuel Petit, angry.

“Who does he have relations with today?” With nobody. Why ? Ask him the question. If they warned us that he would not come to the last France 98 meeting? No no, there are no more contacts, it’s been a long time already”, cursed the former midfielder, who nevertheless defended Didier Deschamps last week.

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