Deschamps, it’s almost over!

By his own admission, Didier Deschamps increasingly feels age having its effect. So much so that we should soon no longer see him on the ground.

At 54, Didier Deschamps is still in great shape. The kilos taken during his time on the bench of Olympique de Marseille are only a distant memory and do not seem to be coming back in view of the daily physical maintenance to which the tricolor coach is subject. However, the former tireless midfielder, who has become a master of sheathing, avoids racing sessions as much as possible, preferring padel in particular, like Zinedine Zidane.

“I have no pleasure in running, because I did it too much out of obligation, so I look for the playful side”, he explained during a cross interview in the columns of The Team with Hervé Renard, the coach of Saudi Arabia. And the native of Bayonne also feels less and less comfortable on a football pitch. “I no longer enjoy playing a match. I claim to see where the ball is going but my legs won’t allow me to do so.” he confided, adding: “And the guys opposite are getting younger and younger. The moment when I will say stop is very close. ”

These difficulties are also felt in his job as a coach. “Even today, the players test you on a daily basis. I touch the ball less and less, for example, the years advancing, he blew. At some point, if you want to demonstrate something and you don’t do the right thing…”

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