Demonstrations of January 19: a man emasculated by the baton of a police officer files a complaint

The facts took place this Thursday, January 19, 2023 during the Parisian demonstration against the pension reform. The victim had to have a testicle amputated.

Police violence. While the monster demonstrations against the pension reform this Thursday, January 19 generally went well, a fact, which took place in Paris, will perhaps come to darken this rather positive picture.

Indeed, while a man was taking pictures of the procession, the latter was hit with a truncheon by a policeman while he was on the ground. A blow which caused Ivan S. to amputate a testicle and against which he decided to file a complaint, reveals this Sunday the newspaper Liberation.

A complaint that “it stops, because I am not the first person to suffer violence from the police, said the 26-year-old young man daily. Except that there, the scene was filmed”.

And indeed, during the quick scuffles that punctuated the Parisian demonstration this Thursday afternoon, on a sequence that has since been widely shot on social networks, we can see a man fall to the ground, camera in hand, then a policeman come and strike him a violent blow with a truncheon in the lower abdomen.

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The photographer had to have his testicle amputated following a truncheon hit in the crotch during the demonstration on Thursday January 19 in Paris. The scene took place at 4:04 p.m. in front of the Barber of Bastille, 40 boulevard Beaumarchais

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— AB7 Media (@Ab7Media) January 21, 2023

Still hospitalized in a Parisian establishment, Ivan S. tells Libé that before the tragedy, he had to join his cousin, a member of the CGT, at the front of the procession, to also demonstrate against the pension reform. Because with the young man, it is in the family that we mobilize: “In the family, there is a strong union tradition, rather on the public service side, says this engineer in a large French company. I have already demonstrated many times, including with my 60-year-old aunts.”

A commitment that Ivan S. will therefore have paid a high price for last Thursday. The prefect of Paris asks that the “exact circumstances of the reported incident be clarified”, further specifies Liberation.

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