Delphine Wespiser locked up "in a monastery"the strange reason for his absence in TPMP this week – Pure People

  1. Delphine Wespiser locked up “in a monastery”, the strange reason for her absence in TPMP this weekPure People
  2. Delphine Wespiser: this TPMP columnist settles her accounts and finally tells the truth about the former Miss France!Tuxboard
  3. Cyril Hanouna announces that Delphine Wespiser will be absent from TPMP for several days, the columnist is retired to “a monastery” for a shoot! (VIDEO)Tele-Leisure
  4. Delphine Wespiser radio silence: “need me…”, she makes a radical decision for a unique experienceYahoo News
  5. “A whim to Delphine Wespiser”, this columnist of “TPMP” suspected of not supporting the former Miss France, answers for the very first time!Audience
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