Deathloop comes to 4K/60FPS on Xbox Series X with Golden Loop update | Xbox One

Released for over a year already on PlayStation, Deathloop introduces its anniversary update for its release on Xbox and PC on September 20, 2022.

Golden Loop update improves Deathloop

If you’ve ever had a chance to complete the game for the first time, this update may not entice you to dive back into it, but it’s a nice surprise for newcomers.

Indeed, this update will integrate a new ability that slows down the target, a new weapon, a new enemy, several new accessibility options, an alternate ending, FOV settings, crossplay as well as 4 graphics modes on Xbox Series X:

  • A 4K/60FPS mode with framerate priority
  • A 4K/60FPS mode with visual rendering priority
  • A 4K/30FPS mode with Raytracing
  • A 1080p/120FPS mode with VRR activation

Here are the expected optimizations on Xbox Series S:

  • A 1080p/60FPS mode with framerate priority
  • A 1080p/60FPS mode with visual rendering priority

As a reminder, Deathloop is the latest game from the developers of Arkane, creators of the Dishonored series. Acclaimed by critics with a nice 88 on Metacritic, the game mixes all the know-how of Arkane to make us live a thrilling adventure from start to finish, sprinkled with varied and incisive gameplay. For all the details, we invite you to consult our article on the Golden Loop update.

Deathloop will be available tomorrow in Xbox Game Pass as well as PC Game Pass.

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