Danièle Evenou very moved by the attacks of Marion Game (VIDEO)

Daniele Evenou shared the life of Jacques Martin from 1973 to 1980. Together, the couple had two children, actors Frédéric and Jean-Baptiste Martin. The heroine of Mary Periwinkle has also swung on the impossible character of his former companion. “He knew how to do everything, it was very unpleasant”, she confided in It’s up to you. Another famous actress had a love affair with the television man, just before Danièle Evenou, Marion Game, now known for playing Huguette in Scenes of households. And she also does not keep an idyllic memory of her relationship with the presenter with whom she lived for four years. “He wanted to rule! He brought his mouth all the time!“, she had revealed.

Danièle Evenou flabbergasted by the words of Marion Game

Marion Game was not very tender either with Danièle Evenou, as recalled by Jordan de Luxe who welcomed her on her set. “I don’t know why, it never happened between you two apparently”he told him, before launching an excerpt from the words of the actress of M6. “I haven’t had a friendly relationship with Danièle. For me, it’s a terrible misunderstanding! What is it? It’s a dead weight! It’s nothing in my life anyway. never matched with her! Surely not!”, we hear it said. Words that visibly flabbergasted the main interested party. “It’s horrible, I pity her. What does that mean? That I don’t exist? It’s horrible”she reacted hotly. “You shouldn’t have shown me that. It pains me”, she continued, while the host tried to understand where this fierce enmity came from. “It’s a terrible misunderstanding. Does that mean that I have no place on this earth? Is that it”, she wondered. “I’m going to leave this set, I’m sad“, she continued, still in shock.

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The interpreter of Mary Periwinkle can’t understand these attacks

Jordan De Luxe tried to defend himself by saying that he thought Danièle Evenou had already seen these images. He then tried to understand again what could have caused such hatred. “I did not take Jacques Martin from him. She was the one who left him for a man who lived in Switzerland.” she insisted on recalling. Still in shock, the ex-girlfriend of George Fillioud tried to dissect the statements of Marion Game. “Are you happy to have shown it to me?“, she asked the host. “I am mute”she concluded, without being able to offer any explanation for these remarks. “So much naughtiness, I hope my children haven’t seen it, nor my grandchildren, nor my friends”, she reacted. “It’s okay, too bad for her. If she thinks that, too bad”, she concluded.

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