Dance with the stars – Replay of September 23, 2022 – Dance with the stars

That’s it ! We know the 10 Stars still in competition. Billy Crawford, Thomas Da Costa, Eva, Léa Elui, Anggun, Clémence Castel, Florent Peyre, Stéphane Legar, Amandine Petit and Carla Lazzari. Exit David Douillet (first bonus) and Théo Fernandez (second bonus). Tonight, place for duels. The principle is simple. The last of the prime 1 ranking meets the last of the prime 2 ranking and so on… With a subtlety because there was a buzz of immunity during prime 1 (Billy Crawford and Fauve Hautot). and two buzz of immunity during prime 2 (Stéphane Legar and Calisson Gouasdoué and Carla Lazzari and Pierre Mauduy). Florent Peyre is in a duel against Anggun, Amandine Petit against Carla Lazzari, Eva against Clémence Castel, and Léa Elui against Thomas Da Costa. The first will be directly qualified for the next bonus. The others will go directly face to face. Let the show begin. Replay of Dancing with the Stars of September 23, 2022
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