Cycle paths, car parks, aid… What the cycling plan announced by Elisabeth Borne contains

The government wants to move up a gear to encourage cycling in France. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne unveiled, on Tuesday, September 20, new investments as part of the bicycle plan. This “second bike plan” pursues the objectives of the initial roadmap unveiled in 2018. “Cycling is both accessible, ecological, good for health (…) and it is also an asset for our economy” said the head of government. Here is what to remember from the announcements made by the executive.

250 million euros for cycle paths and secure car parks in 2023

An envelope of 250 million euros will be released for the year 2023 in order to develop cycle paths and secure car parks. In detail, 200 million will be earmarked for infrastructure development and 50 million for parking sites. Municipalities will be able to apply for aid to finance their projects.

“Our challenge for the years to come is to demonstrate that cycling can also be a mode of transport in rural areas” said the Prime Minister, acknowledging that, until then, efforts had been concentrated on the big cities. The executive targets in particular trips of less than 5 km which still represent 40% of car trips. The objective is that 9% of French trips will be made by pedaling in 2024 (compared to 3% in 2018).

The objective is therefore to continue the momentum initiated with the bicycle plan announced by the Prime Minister herself in 2018 when she was Minister of Transport. The executive ensures that 14,000 km of additional cycling facilities have been made possible thanks to the active mobility fund. The website of the Ministry of Ecological Transition is pleased to have paid 365 million euros to 933 winning projects between 2019 and 2022.

An interministerial committee meets every six months

An interministerial committee will meet every six months to review progress, “to develop the nation of cycling that we want to make France” declared the Prime Minister, surrounded by five other members of the government. Elisabeth Borne insisted on the transversal dimension of cycling, which is also “one of the levers in terms of health prevention”.

The government will also rely on the infrastructure orientation council (an advisory body that depends on the Ministry of Transport) to decide on the future amounts allocated to cycling in the coming years.

Develop the sector in France

We want to create a French bicycle industry, from assembly to recycling“, affirmed the Prime Minister. One million bicycles must be manufactured per year in France by the end of the five-year term, against 800,000 today. The Olympic Games of 2024 must also be a “showcase” of the sector in France, said the Prime Minister.

The executive has not announced any new boosts to individuals, but existing aid such as the ecological bonus will be maintained. “In 2021 it is the best-selling means of transport thanks to the aid put in place for the repair and acquisition of bicycles.‚Äúsaid the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne.

The Prime Minister also intends to emphasize the learning of two-wheelers. The government wants to train an entire age group by the end of the five-year term, ie 800,000 children.

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