Courchevel fatal fire in 2019: the Héraultais on the run for two years was arrested on Tuesday in Malaga

Hicham Abderraouf, 26, suspected of having started this fire which left two dead and around twenty injured in Courchevel on January 20, 2019, had fled after his release, on a hiccup of proceedings, while he was placed under judicial supervision at La Grande Motte in April 2021.

He had been wanted for more than two years, after having gone on the run when the justice system had forbidden him to leave the department of Hérault, and that he was implicated for having set fire to a residence for seasonal workers in the middle of the night. in Courchevel, Savoie, which left two dead and around twenty injured on January 20, 2019. Hicham Abderraouf, a 26-year-old Algerian, who lived in La Grande Motte, was finally caught, following a long investigation carried out in particular by the National Brigade of Fugitives, confirms to Free lunch this Wednesday, January 25, 2023 the public prosecutor of Chambery.

With the help of the Spanish police

“He was arrested in Malaga, Spain on January 23.“, indicates Pierre-Yves Michau, without giving any further details on the circumstances which allowed the police to manage to arrest him, with the help of the Spanish police. He should soon be repatriated to France , via a European arrest warrant which had been issued after his disappearance.

On January 19, 2019, around 4 a.m., fire started from a corridor on the second floor devoured the Isba, a former hotel with three floors and 38 rooms where around fifty seasonal workers were housed. Two of them, a restaurant employee and a chambermaid, were found dead of asphyxiation, and 46 were hospitalized, including Ambre, a young girl from Alès, who suffered very serious consequences, having had two vertebrae affected.

Gasoline, fighting and narcotics

The criminal origin is established, traces of gasoline being found in front of two studios, and a suspect is named by the investigation: Hicham Abderraouf, known to come and supply some seasonal workers with drugs, from La Grande Motte, was seen on the spot. contemplating the fire, after having fought in the evening with a tenant, who owed him money. A month earlier, he had also poured gasoline in front of the door of a young woman, on the same floor, because she had just turned him away.

Life imprisonment incurred

On the run, he was caught two months later at Perthus, while he was trying to cross to Spain. Indicted, and while he faces life imprisonment, he was released in April 2021, on a procedural hiccup, while remaining subject to very strict judicial control at La Grande Motte. But he quickly leaves on the run, until this final hiccup, revealed by Midi Libre: in September 2021, when he was arrested by the gendarmes in a drug trafficking case in Maraussan (Hérault), he manages to escape while in police custody at the Nîmes gendarmerie. Since then, he was nowhere to be found.

“A relief” for the father of a Gard victim

“PFor me, it’s a relief, as for all the other victims, I think” reacts this Wednesday evening Alain Corci, Amber’s father. “His escape was a slap in the face for everyone. The main person responsible, the one who set the fire, must remain behind bars, so that we are not faced with an empty box at the time of the trial.

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