Contact with nature is beneficial for our health (study)

Published in the journal ‘Occupational & Environmental Medicine’, a study shows that being close to nature soothes anxious, hypertensive and stressed people.

Enjoy the nature of nature is excellent for health. This naturally helps to reduce stress, bring calm, rest and it helps to shorten hospital stays.

Reduce the risk of early death by enjoying nature

No need to spend hours in a huge forest, a simple even urban park, a lake, a green space, a forest, for at least 30 minutes will be enough to relax you. Walking calmly (gently, without looking at your watch) will allow you to fight against obesity, reduce the risk of early death and most often give you a positive state of mind, as the Finnish study shows. Walking in nature three to four times a week can, for example, reduce the use of blood pressure medication by 36% and reduce the use of anxiolytics.

Walk calmly (gently, without looking at your watch)

For people with asthma, walking in natural areas is also very beneficial since it reduces medication intake by 26%. In Japan, ‘forest bathing’ (shinrin-yoku) or ‘sensory experience’ has been practiced for decades. Spending a three-day stay in the forest rather than in town stimulates the production of anti-cancer cells.

Our levels of cortisol (stress hormone) drop after just 20 minutes in the park

Being in nature has a relaxing, soothing, almost immediate effect. Our levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) drop after a period of just 20 minutes in an urban park, a forest or being near a river. Another study published in ‘Environmental Science & Technology’ shows that just 5 minutes of exercise in nature, in a park or in any green space would have significant benefits on mental health.

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