Consumption: Nespresso launches its first compostable capsules… in paper

Compostable, the Nespresso capsules will soon arrive on the Swiss and French markets to replace some of the aluminum ones.

It is next spring that Nestlé will launch in France and Switzerland, “where composting is progressing very quickly”, its first compostable capsules made… of paper.

It was the general manager, Guillaume Le Cunff, who made this announcement in the Swiss newspaper Le Temps, this Monday, November 21, 2022. An innovation that required three years of research and development.

Concretely, the capsule will be paper-based with a certified biopolymer inner coating that protects the coffee from oxidation.

According to the LSA site, “nearly 45% of French people practice domestic composting of one or more types of bio-waste”. This paper capsule therefore responds to an old problem on the ecological footprint of aluminum capsules popularized by Nestlé’s Nespresso range.

It should be noted that these capsules will not completely replace those in aluminum since only four ranges of coffees will be concerned at the start. For Guillaume Le Cunff, “aluminum has its virtues”, “in terms of freshness protection and oxygen barrier, it is the best for shelf life. And the Aluminum is infinitely recyclable”, recalls the boss of Nestlé.

“The objective is to give the choice, with two sustainable alternatives: recycling or composting”. According to feedback, Nespresso is not ruling out switching entirely to paper capsules eventually.

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