ChatGPT does not work at certain times of the day and the reason for this is very simple

News JVTech ChatGPT does not work at certain times of the day and the reason for this is very simple

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The ChatGPT artificial intelligence sometimes has a few hiccups: indeed, at certain times of the day, it may be impossible to access this online service. The reason for this is logical and it is possible to adapt to it easily.

For now, access to ChatGPT is still freeand this motivates tens of millions of people to use this artificial intelligence on a daily basis. If you log in at certain times of the dayin particular from 4 p.m. from France, you are at high risk of finding yourself faced with a message telling you that the platform is inaccessible because it is saturated. And even when you manage to connect, a message also appears, telling you this time that delays may occur.

On January 11, ChatGPT was the victim of a large-scale crash which would have been the consequence of a heavy server overload. You should know that to respond to requests from Internet users, OpenAI’s artificial intelligence puts a lot of strain on its servers’ resources, and sometimes they don’t hold a charge. The American company constantly indicates that it is developing its server fleet, but it is difficult to meet an exponential demand.

To use ChatGPT, avoid certain hours

ChatGPT servers tend to saturate mainly in the middle of the afternoon in France. This is explained by the fact that this time of day corresponds to morning in the United States, a region of the globe where ChatGPT is very popular. Right now, 4 p.m. in France corresponds to 10 a.m. in New York, 9 a.m. in Chicago or 7 a.m. in Los Angeles. The more the end of the day unfolds here, the more Americans live their day. We can estimate that the rush hour on ChatGPT is around 8 p.m. in France.

Therefore, if you absolutely want to use ChatGPT, log in to your account before 4 p.m. instead. You shouldn’t have much difficulty using it in the morning. In the evening, on the other hand, you may have more problems.

There is a paid version of ChatGPT… which is not saturated

OpenAI announced the implementation of a paid version of ChatGPT : among the advantages granted to people who will checkout to use artificial intelligence, we find in particular the absence of limitation linked to the saturation of the servers, and answers provided more quickly by the algorithm. This paid formula is billed $42 per month. It is currently possible to register on a waiting list to be among the first to be able to subscribe to this subscription.

However, the free version has not disappeared, but it remains subject to the vagaries of server saturation… and this should unfortunately continue. So, to use ChatGPT, try to avoid peak hours.

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