ChatCGT – When AI syndicates

You know, we like to laugh here 😉 so I had to share with you this port of GPT-3 in a “Marxist” version as described by its creator.

It is therefore a question of ChatCGTan AI freely inspired by ChatGPT which obviously has the answer to everything, but is much more committed than its big sister.

So I asked her a few questions to see what she has in mind.

She is not tender with me and of course only the truth that hurts 😉

Of course, she also seems to know well the favorite hobbies of the rich:

Now, is she objective? I think so, but she’s really pissed off 😉

And a joke to see?

Haha! And for the final bouquet, I even asked him for a little script in Python. She is strong !

Cheer to the brother of Vincent for this prowess 😉

And if you want to test, it’s on!

Thanks to Letsar for sharing.


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