Charles III provokes general hilarity: a gift (too cute) from his grandchildren in question

Would King Charles III be in a jovial mood? On January 20, 2023 to mark 100 years of Kelloggs in the UK, the King was invited to the Trafford Park area of ​​Stretford. Coming with the Queen Consort, Camilla Parker Bowles, the father of Prince William and Harry appeared with the most zany style, daring to wear a pink tie decorated with thousands of white T-Rex. Associated with a blue suit and a white shirt, this very original piece was very noticed during the event and did not fail to make everyone laugh. Very facetious, King Charles suggested that it was a Christmas present from his grandchildren. The initial “R” after King Charles’ name stands for “Rex”, which is the Latin word for king.

The 74-year-old monarch had a busy schedule of royal engagements on January 20 (the day he wore that famous tie). He posed for pictures with England football manager Gareth Southgate at Norbrook Community Center in Manchester and later walked to Bolton Town Hall to celebrate 100 years of Kelloggs in Greater Manchester.

A rule broken for his coronation

Far from being a simple fashion accessory, this tie also subtly shows that the king intends to break with the very strict tradition of the English monarchy. A state of mind that will be reflected in his coronation next May. The king has already announced that he will wear his military uniform instead of the standard royal dress for this day. He is expected to arrive in the Admiral of the Fleet uniform, which he wore at the official opening of Parliament last year. He will also wear St Edward’s Crown, which was made in 1661 for the coronation of King Charles II, made of solid gold and features more than 400 precious stones, including six sapphires and 12 rubies. It weighs almost 2.23 kg.

Likewise, Her Majesty will not wear silk stockings or breeches as they are “too old fashioned” and he wants the ceremony to reflect a “21st century modern monarchy“.Charles would be”happy“to wear the same clothes as his grandfather and great-grandfather, but senior advisers advised him not to wear them. A wise decision.

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