It’s been a long time since Celine Dion has been back on stage. In a recently released book, her doctor explains what she is suffering from.

Heavy absence of the Canadian singer

Almost two years have passed since the last time Celine Dion ignited the scenes. In 2020, she plans to do so. But his tour was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Then two years later, the diva had announced again the postponement of this tour.

This time it was for health reasons. In effect, the Canadian-born singer suffered from a mysterious illness resulting in particular in spasms. Last April, she confided in an Instagram post that her doctors were giving her drug treatments. Unfortunately, his recovery was taking longer than expected.

Confidence in the Biography of Celine Dion

Fans around the world were eagerly awaiting the release of the Biography of the famous singer. Indeed, its release in bookstores on November 17 was a milestone. A book entitled “Céline Dion: the real story”, by Laurence Pieau and Hervé Tropéa. This book from Robert Laffont editions traces many secrets about the singer’s past.

Besides, it also contains the revelations of his doctor about the evil that eats away at the diva. According to a specialist, our star suffers from globus syndrome. A disease that is manifested by a feeling of lump in the throat and sorts of spasms. This often happens after a fairly aggressive period of stress.

Origin of Celine Dion’s disease

The globus syndrome, also called globus hystericus, therefore struck the Canadian singer because of the pressure. But not only because according to the doctor of the diva, her old age and the cessation of her ovarian cycle would also be the cause. Indeed, during menopause, female hormones play a completely different role in the body.

With the globus, we then feel an impression of gastric reflux, tight throat but also spasms. It is therefore a psychosomatic disease and does not really obstruct the person’s throat. But the patient still feels difficulty breathing, speaking or in the case of Celine Dion: singing.