Carla Bruni-Sarkozy castigates the front page of Sofiane Bennacer, her sister Valeria’s companion, accused of rape

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy attends the premiere of Almond trees. (Cannes, May 22, 2022.) Abaca

The singer and ex-first lady split from a pithy forum on her Instagram account on Thursday, November 24. She accuses the daily of not having respected the presumption of innocence in the context of its investigation of the actor.

He was indicted in October, in Mulhouse, for the alleged rapes of two of his former companions and alleged violence against a third. Sofiane Bennacer, the actor of the film The Almond Treesof Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi – his current companion, heard during the investigation – was also placed under the status of assisted witness in the context of a fourth complaint denouncing acts of rape, had revealed the Parisian, Tuesday, November 22. The actor, now under judicial control, was subsequently removed from the list of 32 revelations of the Cesar ceremony.

Sofiane Bennacer had defended himself on his Instagram account, stressing that “if there was any evidence against him, not just bogus testimonies”, he would be “already in prison”. But since then, the daily Release published another investigation, this Thursday, November 24, in which two new women accuse the comedian of rape and violence. In the article that occupies the front page of the daily under the title “The scandal of almond trees», we learn that the team of almond trees would have been informed of some of these allegations when she hired the actor – which she has since denied – and that the director of the film would have invoked the “presumption of innocence” to defend Sofiane Bennacer.

On video, The Almond Treesthe teaser

moral lessons

Several filming professionals, interviewed by Release, further accuse Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi and the production of having “protected” the actor “knowingly”. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, the filmmaker’s sister, came to her defense in an Instagram post, shared the same day. A publication in which she takes up the cover of Releasewhere the actor’s face and the following title appear: “The actor Sofiane Bennacer accused of rape: the scandal of almond trees“.

In the caption of the post, the singer split from a pithy forum, in which she accuses the daily of not having respected the presumption of innocence, “one of the foundations of our democracy”. “Without the presumption of innocence, all justice is random, questionable, possibly corrupt,” she wrote. It’s been 40 years since Freed gives us moral lessons but obviously the presumption of innocence is completely foreign to him”.

“Absolute support for my sister”

Before adding: “Condemning on the front page of a newspaper, nowadays, is simply condemning. It’s crucifying someone, without even knowing what it really is. It is to flout one of the foundations of our democracies.” The artist assured to be “in solidarity with all women in principle (…), and relentless to defend any victim and his fight”. She nevertheless felt “that one does not alleviate the pain of the victims by creating new victims in a wild and random way and just as unfairly”.

“Shame on you @liberationfr: when you crucify someone on their front page without knowing if they’re really guilty, you’re flouting democracy,” she continued. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy later expressed regret at buying the daily, which she called “a poor organ of the establishment he thought he was fighting”, an “empty sign” and “a poor remnant of past glory. Before concluding: “In each of your lines, in your choices, in your charter, there is nothing more than sectarianism, imprisonment of thought and supreme judgment. My total and absolute support to my sister.”

A point of view shared by Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, who published a press release to this effect this Friday, November 25. “To this day everyone knows that he (Sofiane Bennacer, Ed.) was not judged, and such a process is, in my opinion, a pure media lynching, a process far removed from a desire to inform objectively and impartially, ”she wrote.

Mixed reactions

If Tristane Banon welcomed Carla Bruni-Sarkozy’s post – “This one would only make sense if the judgment had been rendered”, she commented – Andréa Bescond, the director of Tickling (2018), went against the latter. “@carlabruniofficial, a little respect for the victims! she launched. There are testimonies in all directions on the violent behavior of this man, four women file a complaint, he is indicted… The presumption of innocence is extremely altered not by us, or @liberationfr but by him alone .”


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