Can you see the hidden animal in the picture? Hardly anyone can see it

It’s an almost impossible to solve optical illusion. Do you see the hidden animal in the picture? Finding it requires not only very good vision but also keen attention to detail and insight. Thanks to this test which could reveal your visual acuity, you will be able to evaluate your ingenuity in solving problems.

Can you find the hidden panda in this picture? If you find it, you are part of the 1% of people who answer this test correctly. Arm yourself with concentration to solve this very difficult optical illusion.

panda picture

Image of the hidden panda – Source: spm

The optical illusion is almost impossible to solve

The panda optical illusion can only be detected by a few people (1%). Only, there is a “trick” that can help you solve it. All you have to do is look at the featured image from a distance to see it more clearly or press CTRL + minus to minimize the image.

This one was posted on TikTok by Hectic Nick, while challenging his followers to solve the optical illusion.

Posting the photo, he says:

It seems that only a few people can find it. Many say they see nothing.

Were you able to spot the hidden animal?

What are optical illusions?

Over the decades, researchers in many fields have rejoiced at the extraordinary way people perceive certain designs and images. While fascinating, scientists and psychologists have yet to discover which part of the human brain reveals the secret to optical illusions.

Optical illusions arise during the interaction of various predefined ideas about the outside world and lead to the so-called “unconscious deduction”. These are the most interesting and well-known. This phenomenon has no physiological cause but rather acts at the level of visual interpretation, preconceived ideas. It was studied in the 19th century by Hermann von Helmholtz.

Optical illusions are also called illusory figures. These are images intended to exploit the way we visually perceive and interpret things. Cognitive illusions are divided into: ambiguity illusions, distortion illusions, paradoxical illusions and fictional illusions.

Another optical illusion test

Cats can certainly find good hiding places, but gosh! The feline resolutely knows how to hide in plain sight!

A Reddit user, posted this photo with the simple caption “Try to find the cat in this photo” and the photo went viral!

hidden cat

Optical illusion image – Source: spm

If you are skeptical, think again, there is a cat in this photo and here it is:

found cat

Optical illusion answer – Source: spm

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