Calogero in a relationship with Marie Bastide: the mother of her two younger siblings is sublime and she is also an artist!

His name does not sound familiar ? It shouldn’t take long! At 43, Marie Bastide is indeed in the process of making a name for herself for the general public, she who released her first album last year. It must be said that in the world of music, she is far from unknown: a successful lyricist, the young woman has signed some great hits, including One day in the wrong placeperformed by Calogero and for which he won the Victoire de la Musique for Song of the Year.

It must be said that Calogero and Marie Bastide are far from being strangers: they share everything at work and in the city, since they have been in a relationship for more than ten years and parents of two children, Pio, born in 2013 and Rita , born three years later. Two toddlers who joined the family, already made up of Nina and Romy, born in 2003 and 2006 from his previous marriage to Hortense d’Estève.

The lovers had met a few years earlier, in 2009, in a nightclub. “It was a period during which I went out a lot and I loved it. One evening, I went alone to the Baron, a nightclub near the Champs-Élysées and it was there that I met Calogero“, had told Marie Bastide to the magazine Audience. “We looked alike, we complemented each other on certain things and what we experienced artistically and also in the private sector nourished our respective paths. We grew and evolved together“.

Moreover, the couple, still very close, did not collaborate only on this title: indeed, Marie Bastide is already the author of a large number of songs for her companion, including Fireworks, which he had performed in Nice a year after the murderous attack and which had moved the crowd gathered to honor the victims. The group Circus, which the singer had set up in 2012, had also allowed them to work together.

And don’t think that Marie Bastide, who has also already written for Louane, Florent Pagny and Céline Dion, is destined to remain in the shadows: last year, the young woman released her first EP, finally deciding to write for herself. A first record which is only the beginning, we hope, in her great career as a singer!

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