CAF fraud: a couple heavily sentenced after receiving 15,000 euros from RSA

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If two organizations remain highly envied in France, it remains social security and CAF. The latter makes it possible to give many aids to all those in need. But while the government promotes aid to support the French, some take advantage of it. They only find that a couple could have been condemned for fraud at the CAF. In all, 15,000 euros of RSA received without being entitled to it. We’ll explaine everything here.

CAF fraud, an (too) frequent practice

Thus, the government often plans and offers many aids for the French. We find especially in this inflationary period a means for the most modest to relieve their expenses. Let it stay with the energy vouchers, the food bonus, etc. But these aids, some people want them without even being entitled to them. While others, although eligible, do not request it. Numerous frauds at CAF were then able to take place.

But, if some think they will win the jackpot with a CAF fraud, they are also risking a lot. This could have been the case of a woman in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. The latter had to repay 25,000 euros. A significant amount nonetheless. It turns out that the latter received aid for almost four years to which she was not entitled. In addition to what she stole, she was fined 1,500 euros. But while this case should have deterred others, it didn’t seem to work for this couple, 43 and 47.

False unemployed

It remains this Wednesday that a couple in their forties was sentenced for fraud at the CAF. This story took place in Rennes, in the criminal court of Rennes, the crooks did not deny. They received a total of nearly 15,661.56 euros in aid from CAF. This aid continued to be paid by the RSA. However, this aid is only granted to those with no income. Our colleagues from Ouest France relay what the prosecutor was able to declare “​​You don’t need to be a social security specialist to know that the Active Solidarity Income is paid when you have no income.”.

Except that all this time, the couple’s wife remained the boss of an automobile company and her husband an employee. They therefore seemed far from being entitled to RSA and decided to commit this fraud to CAF. Finally, it was a denunciation that brought them down. Their account statements could be searched and indeed, they perceived the RSA well. Faced with the facts, no one sought to deny. They wanted to explain why they did this.

Penalties at stake

Faced with the exposed facts of this fraud at CAF, the husband wanted to explain himself. “I recognize the facts. I am sheepish, ashamed. We were starting the business, we were afraid of losing ground. It’s unforgivable”. But for the prosecutor, this speech will not be enough to forget everything. It turns out that the culprit does not have a clean record, on the contrary, he already has nine mentions in the latter. Reasons include drunken driving and concealed work. Ouest France reports the words of the prosecutor “We are far from the excusable error. He was repeatedly warned”. The couple’s lawyer claims that the refund has already been made. On the other hand, she hopes that the penalty of 140 days-fine of 10 euros is reduced. The woman remains condemned to 1000 euro fine and 7,400 euros in damages from CAF.

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