Brutal death of Jean Teulé: his companion Miou-Miou comes out of silence, his very first words

This was one of the very bad news of the end of 2022. Jean Teulé, author of comics and well-known novelist, died at the age of 69 only last October. No illness, contractions of Covid-19 or long fights against cancer but a simple dinner at the restaurant where he had his habits with Miou-Miou, his last companion. Initially hospitalized for food poisoning, he finally died in their Paris apartment following complications. This drama, no one had seen it coming and plunged the actress into deep disarray.

No funeral with great pomp, it is in the family intimacy that the relatives of Jean Teulé said goodbye to him in the cemetery of Montmartre. Miou-Miou, Sylvette Herry of her real name, had not spoken publicly since her disappearance. It is now done. On the occasion of the broadcast of the TV movie Constance in the Underworld on France 2 on February 1, the 72-year-old actress spoke of the loss of her man. A painful ordeal after which she did not give up.

Referring to the role she was offered in public service and her relationship with her daughters, Angèle, 48, daughter of Patrick Dewaere adopted by Julien Clerc, and Jeanne, 44-year-old daughter she had with the singer, Miou-Miou was questioned by TV Star on the rest and on the things we could wish him for the new year started. Without detour, the heroine ofAn Indian in the city responded : “Better than 2022. A good year 2023, we believe in it as they say!

If Miou-Miou does not say more about the difficult times crossed in 2022, she evokes quite a long time the role of Constance which was entrusted to her in the police comedy Constancy in hell, broadcast on February 1st on France 2. In this fiction, his character finds an old suitor, Amine, who awakens a desire… “The rapprochement between Constance and Amine is a rebirth of female pleasure. And it’s treated here in a joyful and natural way“, says Miou-Miou to Star TV.

Jean Teulé dead in his arms

A few days after the death of Jean Teulé, relatives recounted the last moments of the writer. It was in Miou-Miou’s arms that he fell asleep for eternity. A drama for the one who had lived like love at first sight for him thanks to a mutual friend: Jean-Pierre Coffe. Philippe Geluck, another close friend of the couple, also remembered the good times they spent together: “They loved each other madly. He made her laugh so much, he made us laugh so much.” This October 18 was undoubtedly the one and only time that Jean Teulé made her cry…

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