Bruno Le Maire announces the end of the green sticker on cars in 2023

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This Tuesday, September 20, the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, announced that his ministry, with that of the Interior, “were working on the removal of this sticker”.

This Tuesday, September 20, Bruno Le Maire announced, after a press briefing, that the green sticker affixed to the windshield should soon disappear. For decades, this is what made it possible to verify that a motorist was indeed covered by car insurance. But now that the police have a computerized tool (File of Insured Vehicles), there is no longer any need to provide material proof.

This should be effective “current 2023”, according to the tenant of Bercy. indicates that this would make it possible to send “50 million documents to the insured persons represented by this administrative formality.”

A tariff shield on car insurance?

The Minister also specified another measure concerning insurance: “I have asked insurers to make an effort to limit the average amount of insurance premiums below inflation, to prevent prices from soaring.”

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