Brigitte Macron sets things straight

Brigitte Macron is everywhere. Since the launch of the Yellow Pieces campaign, the First Lady has multiplied the interviews where she is questioned about her daily life with Emmanuel Macron but also about current affairs. Invited on the airwaves of RTL, for an interview which will be broadcast this Wednesday, January 25, the wife of Emmanuel Macron was notably questioned about the pension reform which has been agitating the country for several weeks. “What I want is for young people to have a retirement. I’m not going back on the terms, I don’t know”first explained Brigitte Macron before going back to the words she hears from the young people she meets: “They tell me: ‘we, madam, it’s not over, we’re going to work…'” According to the First Lady, young people today “have a relationship to the world of work that is not necessarily that [qu’elle avait] when [elle était] younger” and “have other values”.

“I listen to them a lot because we also help to fund adolescent houses, platforms. We also help the parents of adolescents and young adults. (…) There is this subject. From where I am, I think we have to assure them that they will have a pension. Now, the modalities…”, added Brigitte Macron on the airwaves of RTL. If she does not therefore give her opinion on this reform wanted by the government, the First Lady nevertheless explained that she was very happy and proud to live in France. (…)


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