Bright, close and aligned with the Earth and the Sun… Jupiter will reveal itself as rarely these days

For the next few days, Jupiter will be the brightest planet observable in the sky outside of the Moon and Sun. Another rare phenomenon will concern the largest planet in the solar system.

This weekend, Jupiter will be closest to Earth. A fact that rarely occurs. Thus, the last time that Jupiter found itself so close to the Earth, it was General de Gaulle who was President of the Republic.

In these days, Jupiter will thus pass 367 million kilometers from Earth, as it did 59 years ago. This “proximity” will allow the planet to be the brightest point in the sky apart from the Moon and the Sun. Even if you live in areas with heavy light pollution, Jupiter will be clearly visible.

This weekend will precede another phenomenon concerning Jupiter since the largest planet in the solar system will be aligned with the Earth and the Sun this Monday, September 26. An event that occurs once every 13 months and is called Jupiter’s opposition.

Note that the great red spot and the characteristic colored bands of the gaseous planet with 4 moons will be clearly visible with the use of a telescope.

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