Borussia responds to Real with a historic offer

Jude Bellingham, one of the most coveted young footballers on the planet, is currently under contract with Borussia Dortmund until 2025.

Well aware that Real Madrid is ready to launch an unprecedented offer to recover it next summer, the leaders of the German club are preparing an unprecedented extension offer. Their first attempt was met with the player’s refusal, but the management of Borussia did not give up.

According to the media Bild, Dortmund do not lose hope of changing his mind. The daily reports that Borussia are preparing a second contract renewal offer for Jude Bellingham. The idea is that he signs until June 2026 with a salary of 15 million euros, which would make the English midfielder the highest paid player in the history of the club… With this proposal, the German leaders definitely hope to divert their prodigy from Real Madrid’s interest in him.

This salary of 15 million euros per season is around 5 million more than the first proposal, and the fact that he could become the holder of the biggest salary ever paid by the German club shows how ready Borussia Dortmund are to bet on its quality and future projection.

The Bellingham file is therefore far from over, since Real Madrid will once again hope that the 19-year-old player will not give in to this new proposal by next summer, when the Madrid club will start in action to recruit him.

Especially since Real is not alone on the spot. In addition to Borussia, which hopes to keep its midfielder, Bellingham’s other great contender is also a club with exceptional financial power, Manchester City. Guardiola’s team still hopes to overtake Real Madrid on this one, and is likely to offer, there too, a very attractive salary to the English player…

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