Bompard relativizes the slap of Quatennens, “shut up” replies Schiappa

Capture CNews

Capture CNews

Manuel Bompard on the set of CNews this Friday, September 23.

POLICY – Putting a coin back in the machine, illustration. While the management of the Quatennens affair by rebellious France is arousing numerous criticisms and causing internal turmoil, the deputy of Bouches-du-Rhône Manuel Bompard has split a comment which should not help the image of the Melenchonist formation.

Invited to CNews this Friday, September 23, this close friend of Jean-Luc Mélenchon deemed it appropriate to put into perspective the domestic violence confessed by Adrien Quatennens in his press release.

I am not minimizing the facts of which he is accused, moreover he himself I believe recognized them, he himself said that it was not acceptable. He apologized. So no I’m not minimizing them “, began the rebellious, before pouring into a confusing relativism.

After, I try to make sense of things, a slap is never acceptable, but a slap is not equal to a man who beats his wife every day “, declared the parliamentarian, thus inviting to the” shade about his colleague from the North.

An exit which provoked the ire of Marlène Schiappa, former Secretary of State in charge of equality between women and men. ” Shut up now! That’s enough ! It is up to the courts to judge this case. Your words do considerable harm to the fight for the protection of women from violence,” scolded on Twitter the current Minister in charge of the social and solidarity economy and the associative world.

Are we really going to go back to debating whether hitting a woman is acceptable? Stop! », she added. ” Despicable words that trivialize violence. Words that damage the fight against violence against women. Words that totally discredit you on this subject”, went up the current minister in charge of equality between women and men, Isabelle Rome.

“By saying that, sir, you are surely forgetting that precisely ‘it often starts with a slap'”, squealed Renaissance MP Prisca Thévenot. ” Madam, you are lying: I said precisely the opposite of what you made me say. I said a slap was never acceptable”replied Manuel Bompard… Forgetting that it was for the second part of his statement that he was criticized.

The one where it seems to imply that the facts mentioned by Adrien Quatennens are not that serious. However, a brief glance at the violence meter used in the prevention of violence against women reveals that a slap is among the scarlet signals.

Note also that the slap is not the only violence mentioned in the press release by Adrien Quatennens, who also admits having grabbed the wrist of his wife then, in an argument, the fall of it. Facts to which are added the seizure of his mobile phone and the sending of “too many messages”.

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