Black Friday: Amazon hit by a call for an international strike

Amazon employees around the world were called to strike this Friday, particularly in the United States, Germany and France, on the occasion of “Black Friday” which is one of the peaks of activity for the e-commerce giant.

Mobilization actions and strikes are planned in more than thirty countries, according to the collective behind this call, “Make Amazon Pay”, which demands in particular that the American group remunerate its employees fairly and renounce the ‘Tax optimization. “This is the first time that Amazon has faced a call for an international strike”said Monika Di Silvestre, representative of the Verdi union at Amazon. “It’s very important, because you can’t oppose a big multinational like Amazon only at the local, regional or national level”she added.

What consequences?

The Verdi union has announced that work stoppages are planned in ten logistics centers of the group in Germany, in order to demand the application of collective agreements for distribution and mail order sales and the conclusion of additional agreements to improve labor conditions. The group said on Friday that the vast majority of its employees in Germany were working normally, with only nine of its twenty logistics centers in the country being affected by the strike action. “As an employer, Amazon offers excellent salaries, benefits and development opportunities, all in an attractive and secure work environment”, said an Amazon spokesperson in Germany. A spokeswoman for the group in France clarified that no disruption of activity had been observed at this stage in the eight distribution centers operated by Amazon in France.

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