Benjamin Castaldi lets go and swings on his family secrets!

This Monday, November 21, 2022, art has decided to entertain its viewers with the film “Le jour et l’heure” by René Clément. A work in which the iconic Simone Signoret plays. As a reminder, the actress who died in 1985 is the grandmother of Benjamin Castaldi. For several years, she also shared the life of singer Yves Montand. Via his book “I loved you so much…”, the chronicler of TPMP delivered like never before on his famous clan. In particular on this glamorous couple who has never ceased to fascinate the French.

“I note that Simone’s notoriety remained blocked in the 20th century. Today, young people know who Louis de Funès is, less so. I wanted to remember what a wonderful woman and actress she was, she who won the prize for best actress at Cannes and an Oscar for Les chemins de la haute ville and the César for best actress for La vie avant soi. », regretted the husband of Aurore Aleman for Gala.

“She had a huge heartache…”

According to his words, the relationship of Simone Signoret and Yves Montant was far from being a long calm river. Indeed, the infidelities of the latter have several times shaken his half. His idyll with Marilyn Monroe has also been difficult to collect for the actress. “A part of my grandmother died because of this affair. That’s what started his physical decline. She had great grief. She was a world cuckold. She had too much pride and confidence perhaps to imagine that it falls to her […]. She saw his impotence and it stuck with him…” specified the ex-host of Secret Story.

For his part, Yves Montand would never have projected himself with the Hollywood star. “ Marilyn was crazy about him. She did everything to keep him by her side. He only saw a fleeting relationship. On the other hand, later, he had a real crush on Shirley MacLaine even if it did not work with her.concluded Benjamin Castaldi.


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