Belgium-Canada arbitration causes scandal!

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Since the opening of the World Cup in Qatar, the various controversies linked to the organization have made headlines in French and foreign media. The sportsman even practically takes second place as the criticisms and the prosecution papers against the host country are numerous. Last night, during the meeting between Belgium and Canada in Group F, it was not the reception conditions or the organization that caused a scandal, but the arbitration. Indeed, the meeting was marked by several errors on the part of the refereeing body and Mr. Janny Sikazwe, who was on the whistle.

A referee who has already caused controversy

The designation of the latter had already been talked about before the match. Indeed, it is the referee who officiated last January during the meeting between Tunisia and Mali during the African Cup of Nations. Twice, the Zambian had whistled the end of the match well before regulation time. He had given a final whistle in the 85th, before being taken back. Then, he whistled the end of the game in the 89th. This had angered the Eagles of Carthage. Mr. Sikazwe had been defended by the boss of African referees who had indicated that he had had a sunstroke.

Expected at the turn during this World Cup, the referee made several mistakes last night. If he was right to award a penalty to the Canadians following the hand of Yannick Ferreira Carrasco in the 9th minute (penalty missed by Alphonso Davies), he could have given a second in the 13th minute. After a blocked shot from Jonathan David blocked by Axel Witsel, Eden Hazard returned the ball to Canada in their area. Tajon Buchanan, who was ready to recover the ball, was flagged offside, in addition to being thrown off balance by Jan Vertonghen. An incredible decision by the referees, who should have awarded a penalty.

Two mistakes that cost a lot

Hazard played the ball deliberately, so Buchanan shouldn’t have been ruled offside. What did not pass on the side of Fox Sports where journalists confided: “the VAR should have gone back. It was ridiculous. It’s unbelievable that they lost this game.”. The arbitration expert of the foxformer Premier League official Mark Clattenburg said the error came from video assistance. “It was human error by the VAR and Canada should have had a second penalty”. The Canadian fans were mad with rage.

“This referee is so bad. How is he authorized to arbitrate?in particular said a fan on Fox Sports. Besides this action, Canada could have benefited from another penalty in the 38th minute when Richie Laryea was jostled by Axel Witsel. But neither the referee nor the VAR considered that there was a fault. Unbelievable. Decisions that were not commented on by the Canadians, disappointed after the defeat because they dominated. But in Belgium, we consider ourselves very lucky. “Against Canada, the Red Devils were as bad as the Zambian referee”writing The last hour.

Belgium considers itself lucky

The Belgian media continues: “The Devils won after one of the worst performances in their World Cup history. In large part thanks to a referee who has nothing to do in the tournament. Worrying». Consulting for the DHLaurent Colemonts (referee) said: “Let’s be honest, the Devils were lucky with the referee. The assistant made a mistake, because he signals the offside while he has not seen that the pass comes from the feet of a Belgian player. The referee whistles following his linesman and therefore prevents the VAR from going back on a clear foul committed by Vertonghen in the rectangle. If he does not whistle, the VAR checks and gives a penalty..

He then added about the fault of Axel Witsel. “Technically, I cannot understand that the referee is not called on the screen by the VAR. He is clearly stepping on her toe. We could understand that it is a gray area if they feel that Witsel does not change his course and does not purposely touch him. But, in my opinion, he should have called the referee to check.. A chance for the Belgians. Less for Canadians. Man of the match for this Belgium-Canada, Mr. Sikazwe was not for the right reasons. With his assistants, he missed the meeting.

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