be very careful this scam is rampant on the web!

With rising gas prices and electricity provided for the beginning of the year 2023and the inevitable change in the tariff shield, fuel prices will also increase. save money on heating costs this winter using wood pellets is a good option for some people.

The pellet stove is highlighted by the aids provided for its installation. However, the shortage of pellets has been in full swing for a few months. Due to this shortagemany people are worried about not having enough pellets for warmth this winter.

Some criminals take advantage of this phenomenon set up scams. We tell you everything!

The shortage of wood pellets

Between the increase in gas prices and electricity for the beginning of the year 2023, as well as the inevitable evolution of the tariff shield. Thus, the price of fuel oil is also on the rise.

For cope with this price increasemany people looking to save on heating costs this winter. To do this, it is possible to use wood pellets to heat the house.

It’s a good solution for many people. Pellet stoves saw their sales increase by 41% and pellet boilers by 120%.

However, since a few monthsthe shortage of wood pellets in full swing. And it causes more problems than expected. Our colleagues from Que Choisir recently warned consumers against websites. These sites claim to sell pellets for heating.

However, the products, which are billed, are never delivered. Thereby, the wood pellets ordered never arrives at its destination.

Scam: Pellets paid for, but never delivered

consumer association What to choose warns pellet buyers against some websites. These sites, which claim to sell firewood.

However, it would seem that this site is a trap set by scammers. A scam that takes advantage of people who are worried or in difficult circumstances. We advise consumers wishing to buy on the Internet to be very vigilant, indicates the association Que Choisir.

The testimonies clearly explain that they had dealing with a scam. The consumer pays for his basket. Pellets are paidbut they never arrive at their destination.

organic pellets

Suddenly, the merchant is no longer reachable. The association of consumers points out that if many names are listed and closed, others remain active. And some of these names keep coming back to these scam sales sites.

Beware of overpriced prices

According to the association, some people testify have lost hundreds or even thousands of euros ! Generally, this money disappears when the banks refuse to reimburse it.

And this, on the pretext that the consumer has validated the payment. Indeed, it often happens that banks do not reimburse scams because they claim that any bank transfer or online transaction is a choice.

To avoid being tricked, the association What to choose advises to be wary of offers that seem too good to be true. but also to read online reviews and even to backtrack when payment by bank transfer requires confirmation of the transaction before receiving the order.


Recently, another type of scam similar to wood pellets circulated. This is the impersonation of reputable companies in the industry. Unfortunately, of many people fell for it and couldn’t get the help they needed from their bank. So stay vigilant!

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