Bad news for The Day Before!

Game news Bad news for The Day Before!

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From the first days of January, we began to regain hope. Granted, The Day Before didn’t come out in 2022, but the year ahead seemed full of promise. Still satiated with the end of the year celebrations, the developers of Fntastic offered us a nice treat: a small extract of gameplay to make our mouths water. Auspicious communication? We might have thought so, but the reality is much sadder as the emotional lift of this month of January will leave traces in the hearts of the players.

The Day Before prepares the day after

A massively multiplayer online game in a universe promising us a context similar to The Last of Us, it clearly has something to make players dream. The developers of Fntastic were not mistaken in betting on this artistic direction and on these game mechanics, mixing survival and shooting game. On the side of the players, we did not hesitate to add the title to the Steam wishlist, no matter how long it took to be able to launch it. Anyway, we hope that the players concerned are patient enough because if The Day Before had made a specialty of selling us dreams, it now masters the art of postponement.

Bad news for The Day Before!

On more than one occasion, the developers of The Day Before have chosen to postpone the release. We don’t know what the teams have gotten themselves into, but the creation of this promising MMO is proving to be more than chaotic. And this, not to mention the fact that the methods employed may have raised eyebrows. As a result, communication around the game was starving. Very clearly, 2022 was not the time to shine for The Day Before but that did not prevent the teams from dreaming of the day after, finally returning to the charge with communication that encouraged optimism. But, inevitably, when you get carried away too much, the fall is all the more cruel.

The Week After: disillusionment

Post-apo MMO buffs had barely checked the first boxes of the 2023 calendar when they already had their eyes set on the date of March 1, 2023. A few days before spring, The Day Before was planning to bloom on PC and next-gen consoles, but it seems that we are still far from the bud ready to release its petals.. Quite a surprise, as the lights seemed to be green at the sight of his recent return to the news: a short gameplay sequence to give pride of place to Nvidia technologies and an official speechlast week, promising us to release visuals illustrating a wide spectrum of the title’s features and elements.

Certainly, we will have the right to this presentation of gameplay “ as soon as possible ”, but it will not be the case of The Day Beforevictim of a new postponement following a legal dispute. In the message posted on social networks, the developers explained that sudden legal difficulties forced the teams to postpone the release of the game… to November 10, 2023 ! What gets stuck for the Fntastic studio is that a third party would have filed, a few days ago, the brand ” The Day Before to US authorities. Note that the postponement is not the only concern of this quarrel of brands: at the moment, the game’s Steam page is simply inaccessible. We left for a very long wait…

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