Aude: Last assessment in the terrible accident of Villedaigne: 4 injured in absolute emergency

A road accident occurred this Sunday, January 22 on the D6113, involving eleven people.

It was 6:10 p.m. this Sunday evening when three cars collided before Villedaigne, coming from Lézignan. One of them, under the violence of the shock, was thrown into the ditch.

Of the eleven occupants of the cars, eight people were injured, four of them seriously, treated in absolute urgency. No child was counted among the injured. Four victims were in relative emergency, and three people were unharmed but deeply shocked.

Many rescuers mobilized around the victims, including around twenty firefighters, and 3 medical teams from the SMUR.

A helicopter from the Haute-Garonne department could not land on the scene due to strong gusts of wind. It landed at the Lézignan rescue center and an ambulance went to pick up the injured, who were transferred to the aircraft. Management: Toulouse University Hospital.

The other victims, 4 whose condition was deemed less serious, were transported by ambulance to the Narbonne hospital center and to the HPGN in Montredon.

The SDIS of the Aude mobilized very resources on the spot: no less than 7 rescue vehicles for injured firefighters from the rescue centers of Lézignanais and Narbonnais, two road rescue vehicles, and two nurse firefighters from Narbonne and Lezignan.

Road D 6113 was cut off in the direction of traffic to evacuate the injured and allow the intervention of ambulances. The prefecture recommends avoiding the area and taking the RD 24 and 1624 in the Lézignan/Narbonne direction and the RD 26 and RD 11 in the Narbonne/Lézignan direction.

As of 9:30 p.m., traffic had still not been restored. The circumstances of this terrible accident have not yet been established, the investigation of the gendarmerie will be able to determine them.

u26a0ufe0faccident in progress on the D6113 at Villedaigne.
please avoid the sector.u27a1ufe0fuse the Rd24 and 1624 in the direction of Lezignan Narbonne.u27a1ufe0f Rd26 and Rd11 direction Narbonne Lezignan.
u26a0ufe0f stay cautious.

— Prefect of Audeud83cuddebud83cuddf7 (@Prefect11) January 22, 2023

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