“At Least People Won’t Buy This Trash Anymore”: Developers Endorse Steam Game Removal

Game news “At Least People Won’t Buy This Trash Anymore”: Developers Endorse Steam Game Removal

Postal III, held up by many as a mediocre game, has just been pulled from Steam. And it might come as a surprise, but the Running with Scissors studio expressed their joy after this withdrawal!

Postal III generally displeased a lot of people when it was released. The game, third in the saga, was the first not to be developed by Running with Scissors, but by the Trashmasters studio, internal to the Akella publisher. And justly, Postal III has just been removed from Steam and Running with Scissors seems to be delighted!

The studio calls Postal 3 “garbage” in a “shitty state”…

He’s from common knowledge that Running with Scissors wasn’t happy with what Trashmasters did with Postal III, a licensed game originally launched by Running with Scissors. A few days ago, the studio has announced the removal of Postal III from SteamDue to DRM issues of the game, which made it unplayable. The studio did not have hands on the source code of the game, since it had not developed it, which explains why these problems cannot be corrected by this one. But obviously, the studio is clearly content with this withdrawal :

RWS: With Postal 3’s DRM issues and the overall shitty state of the game itself, the game is officially no longer sold on Steam.

We had no control over the Steam page, so we couldn’t make it free before the DRM issues started.

At least people won’t buy this rubbish anymore!

I have never had any experience with Postal III. But why didn’t you have control of the page (…)?

RWS: Because we didn’t develop or publish the game. Akella did.

The developers are so unhappy with the state of Postal III, that they strongly advise to hack it!

Oh come on I wanted to try it and see how bad it was

RWS: Pirate Bay

Postal III, a case study failure?

He is rare to see a studio downgrade a game from one of its licenses, even if it is developed by another studio. But when you know the history of the game it’s far from a surprise. Akella, game publisher and parent company of Trashmasters studio, has gone bankrupt shortly after launching the game. Running with Scissors was then content to use Postal III as a benchmark of what not to do : if Postal games have always sought to be subversive and satirical, the third episode was frankly dated, both in its technique and in its content (with in particular jokes which seemed to be ten years late). The studio often had advertises its subsequent games by announcing that they couldn’t be worse than Postal III. We therefore understand that Running with Scissors is happy to get rid of “this rubbish” in a “shitty state” as they so aptly pointed out.

Postal III is no longer legally available on PC.

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